A Bit About Us

At Vale Moto Training, we offer courses that are suited to your individual needs. The no pressure training environment that is created by us, allows you to relax and take pleasure in the learning experience. We are open seven days per week allowing you the flexibility to arrange lessons at a time convenient to you.

The training courses we offer are varied and comprehensive, such as evening courses during the summer months for on road training and a short ‘Night Owl’ course through Spring/Summer/Autumn for techniques and confidence for riding when it’s dark.

Our road tuition maintains safe learning using radio linked communication between you and the instructor. We supply you with everything you need from the bike to the radio as well as protective clothing.

Our Staff

We’ve gathered together an amazing group of instructors that have been specifically selected not only for their vast and varied experience, but also their personalities.

They are all bikers through and through and can boast industry leading credentials.

Steve Davey: Rider Profile

Company Owner & Instructor / Police Bike Instructor

Steve is a motorcycle enthusiast to his core, there’s not much he hasn’t done on 2 wheels. He’s been a Police advanced biker for 17 years and also a Police Advanced Motorcycle Instructor for both on and off road. He likes to throw in the odd bike trick or two. An extremely friendly chap, he’ll share his biking knowledge all day long.


  • Age: 52
  • Background: Police Advanced Bike Instructor, Grade 1 Police Rider & Driver, Police VIP Escort Team Rider, Bikesafe Assessor
  • Quals: DSA Approved CBT/DAS Instructor, ACU level Enduro Instructor, RoSPA Examiner, IAM Rider, ERS Trainer
  • Passion: All forms of bike racing, Golf, Cycling, Swansea City FC
Derek Dew: Rider Profile


Derek has been riding on a full bike licence since 1964, having previously been riding a 200cc bike to school (how cool is that?) He truly has seen it all, having been heavily involved in the bike training industry since 1990 and he has run his own bike training school amongst other things. Derek has the enviable skill of relaxing his students with his calm and experienced ways.


  • Age: 70 and rockin’ it!
  • Background: MoD St Athan
    Bikesafe Assessor
    Dragon Rider (ERS) Presenter/Instructor
  • Quals: DSA CBT Instructor 24 years (including Direct Access Scheme) / RoSPA Gold Rider
  • Passion: Dare I say it….Motorhome owner & devoted Grandad.
Jo Davey: Staff Profile

Company Owner & Office Manager

Jo is the brains of the outfit. She runs the office, handles all inquiries and controls the work allocation. Hugely more organised than any man, it’s fair to say, she does the work of 3 people. Be ready for some sharp tongued banter, she gives as good as she gets. She can ride a bike…..but doesn’t!


  • Age: 37
  • Background: Managed her own business for over a decade
    Family member of the Wick Van Dynasty
    Can reverse any vehicle properly
  • Quals: The universal street degree
  • Passion: SLKs, Handbags, Thai food, her daughter.
Kurt Hutchinson: Rider Profile


Kurt is what we would call a ‘Proper Biker’. He’s got the biker look to go with the biker knowledge….and let us tell you, that knowledge and experience is considerable. Having been riding since his teens he’s also got an HGV licence and used to be an ADI car instructor. He’s as gentlemanly as he is fierce looking and is a great addition to our instructor family and the elite ‘VMT Bald Eagle Team’ (Must have no hair to qualify). Once caught his finger in the biscuit tin! 


  • Age: No one really knows, we’re guessing 55
  • Background: Ex ADI Car Instructor
    HGV Driver IAM Advanced Rider
  • Quals: DSA Approved CBT/DAS Instructor
  • Passion: Cardiff City FC Fan / Fruit Cider / Old Sea Tales / Bikes!
Kevin John: Rider Profile

Instructor & Retired Police Officer

Kevin is a hugely experienced rider and driver. The list of his qualifications are comprehensive and that together with his patient personality, make him an ideal Instructor. Besides his Police Instructor background, he was also the chief bike instructor for BMW UK. A founder member of the elite ‘VMT Bald Eagle Team’ (Must have no hair to qualify), he won’t admit it but he’s a bit of a ‘Petrol Head’ on the quiet!


  • Age: 56
  • Background: BMW UK Chief Bike Instructor (2010-2012)
    Police Advanced Bike and Car Instructor
    Grade 1 Police Rider & Driver
  • Quals: DSA Qualified Instructor 14 years (including Direct Access Scheme & Enhanced Rider Scheme)/RoSPA Examiner
  • Passion: All things Italian, wants Jeremy Clarkson’s job
Darryl H: Rider Profile

Instructor & Police Patrol Rider

Darryl could be classed as a bike trader, he’s bought and sold so many! He’s a guy who has quickly developed into a very accomplished rider. In 3 short years, he went from complete novice to Advanced Police rider which is no mean feat. It’s safe to say that he has a natural talent for riding which is invaluable when it comes to passing knowledge onto others. Please don’t bring up his fame of Silver Screen, or he’ll be offering his autograph!


  • Age: 48
  • Background: Police Advanced Biker
    Bikesafe Assessor
    Police VIP Escort Team Rider & Driver
  • Quals: DSA Approved CBT/DAS Instructor / Grade 1 Police Rider & Driver
  • Passion: Cars, Cars, Bikes, Cars & Bikes…..and tea….and biscuits! Complete petrol head!
Simon Smith: Rider Profile


Simon has been riding bikes since he was a nipper, field bikes to start with, before getting his full licence in the 90’s. As is the case with a lot of the VMT team, he’s been lucky to get professionally trained as an advanced Police biker whilst at work, with the Met. Being a fully fledged member of the ‘Black Rats’, we snapped up his skills when he moved back home to Wales. Simon has a lovely manner but don’t let that plumb accent fool you, he’s an earthy Welshman at heart. Must be cool, as he’s ridden a bike around the Nurburgring. Rumour has it, that he was once a hairdresser!


  • Age: 50
  • Background: Police Advanced Biker / Driver
    Bikesafe Assessor,
  • Quals: DSA Approved CBT / DAS Instructor since 2011,
    Grade 1 Police Rider & Driver, RoSPA Gold Rider, Rugby Referee
  • Passion: Rugby, European Bike Touring, Mazda MX5s… (Told you!)
Mike Parker: Rider Profile

Assistant & General Wingman

No self respecting company that’s involved in the biking industry should be without a ‘Mike’ amongst their staff members. An ex-student and an invaluable part of our team. He was such a nice rider whilst training, Steve immediately saw his potential and cleverly signed him up. You’ll find Mike on the training ground, helping the CBT and MOD1 students master their riding. He’s been there and done it, so take heed if he’s advising!


  • Age: 42
  • Background: Hasn’t been riding long but already has a Harley and a Yam XJR1300
    Not a Sons Of Anarchy member
    An absolute gentleman
  • Quals: Our only staff member to complete the current bike test!
  • Passion: His family, Beards, Tattoos & XBox