aa2a1Full Motorbike Test

At VMT, we don’t subscribe to the ‘One course fits all’ approach. You can book as much or as little training as you require for your test and it can be broken down into half day, bite size pieces if that’s what you prefer. Because of the new DSA 2-part test, training typically takes a minimum of 15 hours. This can sometimes extend a little longer depending on rider ability.

full day training with us is 7 hours. Often times, other Training Schools will charge the same but call 6 or even 5 hours a full day. When it comes to value for money, that can add up to a lot of extra hours. It also avoids having to cram lots into a shorter time frame, making the learning experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Make use of the experienced Police Bike Trainers and Bikesafe riders we have available. Whether it’s ‘A1’ (Light Motorcycle) ‘A2’ (Standard Motorcycle) or ‘A’ (Direct Access), you can rest assured, we’ve seen and overcome all types of riding difficulties. You will have the BEST motorcycle training available!

Practice for your Module 1 test on our 1:1 scale training area.


New DSA Test – January 2013

a1The Lightweight Bike test is available for persons aged 17+ and must be taken on a motorcycle with an engine between 120cc and 125cc, with a power output up to 11kw (14.6bhp) and be able to reach 55mph. We use Honda CBF125’s for this test and they are the perfect bike for learning on. They have build quality and ease of use oozing out of them!  If you are small in stature and find this bike a little too big to handle, there’s no need to worry, we have the perfect bike for you too…the funky, new, Honda MSX125! See our bikes by clicking here

You must have already passed your CBT and DSA Theory Test. If you pass this test on a motorcycle with automatic or semi-automatic transmission, this will be recorded on your licence. Your full licence entitlement will be restricted to motorcycles in this category.

For more information on the DSA Practical Test, click here

a2The Standard Bike test is available for persons aged 19+ and must be taken on a motorcycle with an engine of at least 395cc, with a power output between 20 – 35kw (27 – 46.6bhp) with a power to weight ratio of 0.2 kw/kg. These are new power figures since 31st Dec 2013.

Don’t get too bogged down with the details, we’ll sort all that out for you. We use the fantastic Suzuki SFV650 (restricted) for the A2 test. Again, we have chosen this bike for its build quality, forgiving nature and gentle power delivery. If you are small in stature, we have a low seat version, so there’s no need to worry. See our bikes by clicking here

You must have already passed your CBT and DSA Theory Test (Unless taking your test under progressive access – ring us for details).

For more information on the DSA Practical Test, click here

aThis is the quick way to a full motorcycle licence which will allow you to ride a machine of any size and power. You must a minimum of 24 years* or over, have already passed CBT, the DSA Theory Test for motorcycles and you must take both Modules 1 & 2 of your test on a motorcycle that has an engine of at least 595cc and produces at least 40kw (53.6bhp). At VMT, we use the awesome Suzuki SFV650 (unrestricted) and we have a bike with a lowered seat option if you’re small in stature.

* Under Progressive Access, you can take a category A practical test at age 21 if you have an A2 licence that you’ve held for a minimum of 2 years. You will not have to take a theory test or hold a CBT certificate.

Remember that if you want to practice for your test on this size bike, you can only do so if accompanied by a professionally qualified D.S.A. approved motorcycle instructor, not just your mate with a full licence.

For more information on the DSA Practical Test, click here

Motorcycle Licence Entitlement

a1a2aWhen you have completed and passed both parts of your test in any of these categories, you can carry passengers and ride on motorways.

Please note that training course lengths are determined by the individual’s level of skill and competence. The number of days spent on training is advised by our instructors after an assessment of your riding skills. This assessment can be carried out when the CBT road ride (Module E) is undertaken, or if you can already ride and have already passed your motorcycle theory test & have a valid CBT you can ring us to arrange a free assessment.

If you are a complete beginner and have never ridden before and it is a full licence you want, we would suggest the following:

  1. One to One lesson…. this would be one of our New Rider Courses.
  2. Next is the CBT. Once we have seen you ride on a public road we can then recommend exactly how much training you require and also whether or not you could go straight onto a bigger bike for both Module 1 and Module 2 tests. (The alternative would be buying a 125cc to practice on before moving up to a larger bike).
  3. Motorcycle Theory Test (this can be done any time before the rest of the training).
  4. 1 or 2 days on 125cc depending on ability.
  5. 5 sessions or more on a larger bike depending on ability before going to test, (a session is 3 hours in duration)

Some examples of how many hours training that will be required to reach a Direct Access test standard (after CBT pass):

    • Very experienced, 12 – 15 Hours
    • Some experience, 15 – 20 Hours
    • Complete novice, 20 + Hours

There are always some exceptions, where complete novices take to the training easily and pass both tests on 12 – 15 hours training!

Course Prices (All prices are inclusive of VAT)

Full Test (Lightweight A1, Standard A2 & Direct Access A)
Price per day (7 hours) inc. all machine & equipment hire £180
Single Session (3 hours) inc. all machine & equipment hire £90
DSA Test fees are: *Test fees payable direct to the DSA
Theory £23*
Module 1 £15.50*
Module 2 £75*