nrcNew Rider Course

Never ridden a motorcycle before? In line with the Driving Standards Agency’s ideal of structured, modular training over a period of time, here at VMT, we offer 2 courses designed with the individual in mind to give you the very best start, making your motorcycle lessons safe and enjoyable.


To qualify for this course, you must have basic cycling competency ie:

  • Be able to demonstrate good balance
  • Be able to ride 1 handed whilst making a signal
  • Be able to look behind whilst riding

New Rider Courses are delivered one to one and can be either 2 hour or 1 hour in duration. If you have never ridden before, one of our qualified DSA instructors will coach you on our large, secure off road training pad, with no pressure of having to do well in front of a group of strangers. This is very important if you are at all nervous or anxious about riding a motorcycle for the first time.

We cannot recommend strongly enough the value of this course, if you have little or no previous motorcycle experience. Included in the course price is, motorcycle or scooter hire, ALL motorcycle safety clothing, giving you total peace of mind to relax and enjoy learning to ride. If you have ridden before but are “rusty” or would like an introductory lesson you can book a single hour.

For 17 years upwards, if you have never ridden a manual bike before (with clutch & gears) our New Rider Course will give you the skills and confidence to move onto taking your CBT with ease. You will receive personal tuition in the safety of our secure off road training area where you will learn how to pull away & stop smoothly, before moving onto changing gears. Slow control techniques such as ‘figure of 8’ and ‘U turns’ are also often practised, if your progression is on track.


For 16 year olds who have no experience of being on the road we offer a 2 hour, one to one lesson. The first session is spent in our training school where you will practice your theory test questions and hazard perception video training. The second session in the safety of our secure off road training area learning how to control a 50cc automatic scooter. This course is ideal for making sure that your Son or Daughter gets the best possible start before moving onto a CBT

1 to 1 CBT

Our final variant of this course is a complete one to one CBT where more time can be devoted to the rider. No one else to concentrate on, just you and an instructor so that there will be no feeling self-conscious in front of others. The pace of the instruction is totally over to you!

If you are at all unsure of what course is for you, then give us a call and we’ll be very happy to chat to you and recommend something suitable to fit your budget and requirements.

Course Prices (All prices are inclusive of VAT)

New Rider Course (1 to 1 instruction)
Weekday 2 hour session £65
Weekend or BH 2 hour session £85
Weekday 1 Hour session £35
Weekend or BH 1 hour session £45
1 to 1 CBT (1 to 1 instruction)
Full day £190