Our Bikes

We have chosen our fleet carefully for quality of design, reliability and most importantly, ease of use for our students. No corners have been cut with cheap options here, so rest assured, you’ll be training on something clean, new and market leading!

We use:

Honda Vision 50cc Moped ………… AM for CBT (16 year)

As a machine intended for daily use, qualities such as durability, dependability, safety and ease of use were considered vitally important during development. It has a reliable and efficient fuel-injected engine, a stable and easy to ride chassis. It even boasts advanced safety features such as Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS). The Honda Vision 50 represents a smart and reassuring option in our purchasing aims.

Honda Vision 110cc Scooter ………….. for CBT (17 years & over)

Bigger brother of the Honda Vision 50, boasting all the same features with a stronger engine. Ideal for CBT training.

Honda CBF 125cc Motorcycle …………… for CBT and A1 test

Motorcycle News… Replacement for the venerable CG125 and offers the same kind dependable utilitarian transport but with a dash of style. The CBF125 has flown out of showrooms since its introduction. Hardly surprising, it’s a Honda, it’s good looking and it’s cheaper to run than catching a bus. It may be the only transport you need and has even been described as fun. The only question seems to be: Why doesn’t everyone have one?

Honda MSX 125cc Motorcycle …………… for CBT and A1 test

We’re really excited to include this bike in our lineup. The MSX125 Is part mini-bike, part motorcycle with great performance matched to confident handling. It’s a funky little bike that is going to be super friendly to shorter riders. It’s new to the Honda range and is great fun…take it from us, you’ll love training on this!

Suzuki SFV 650cc (ABS) Motorcycle ……………. for A2 & Direct Access test

The SFV650 ABS is a perfectly balanced, rider friendly middleweight V-twin that appeals to a huge audience of novice and experienced riders of all ages. It’s easy to ride, while also being fun, which all adds up to a unique motorcycling experience. Importantly, it has a low seat height and low centre of gravity making it great for all riders.

Yamaha MT-07 (700cc) Motorcycle…………………..for Direct Access (MOD 2)

Motorcycle News…..What a surprise the MT-07 is. It’s light, friendly, punchy, fast, frugal and more fun than it has a right to be. It’s such a superb performer and is so well built. Its lack of weight makes it easy to manage at low speed, maximizes braking performance, improves agility on the move and generally makes the MT-07 simple to ride, especially when matched to such a friendly engine.

We think it’s an ideal bike for the ‘On-Road’ module of your test!