Terms & Conditions

Important! Please read the following carefully.

Vale Moto Training Ltd: Hereafter known as VMT

Licence: Our courses are regulated by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and you are required by law to present your licence for verification. You must on all sessions bring with you and show for inspection the original of your full or provisional UK driving licence. You cannot train without a valid licence and this could result in your test or training being cancelled with the loss of your fees.

You will need:

  • Your current, in date, photo card licence – Correct provisional entitlement for the vehicles you wish to train on.
  • If you have an old pre photocard licence you will need your valid in-date UK passport to be presented with it. Your licence is your responsibility and VMT cannot accept any liability for incorrect provision.

Prior CBT: If you are training with us using a CBT gained previously either with us or elsewhere then you must bring the original with you for inspection. This must be in date, correctly completed and match your licence number. Please bring your CBT certificate to all training sessions and to present for tests.

Motorcycle Theory test: Not required for CBT training but legally required for you to sit Module 1 and 2 motorcycle tests. You can book your motorcycle theory test by calling 0300 200 1122 or via www.dsa.gov.uk. VMT require you to have passed a motorcycle theory test, 10 clear working days before you sit your Module 1 test. When passed you must bring your theory test pass certificate to all training and test sessions.

Eyesight: You must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. If you require glasses or contact lenses to do this then you must wear them for the duration of your training. We advise you to bring spare contact lenses if worn.

Insurance: Our insurance excess for any damage or claim is £750. We expect our bikes will get a little “bruised” from time to time, so we only charge for damaged parts, i.e. brake & clutch levers, lights, indicators etc. The insurance excess will only be charged in full if an accident is ultimately found to be your fault and the bike or another vehicle is seriously damaged.

Own motorcycle: If you are using a motorcycle other than that provided by VMT, it must be in a roadworthy condition, taxed and insured, with L Plates if appropriate. We will need to see your insurance certificate and if the machine is over 3 years old, we will also need to see a valid MOT certificate. Make sure you have plenty of fuel in the tank.

Student behaviour: Bring a good attitude with you. If at any time a student’s behaviour compromises safety or prevents group learning, their course will be terminated at that point and all course fees forfeited. The instructor, as a licensed DVSA assessor, has the final decision in this matter. VMT reserves the right to terminate the training of any student that engages in behaviour that is harmful to the good name or business reputation of the company (this includes social media posts or comments). If a student is unhappy with any aspect of our service, they should first raise any issues with the trainer at the time or, in writing, within 24 hours to Vale Moto Training Ltd, Bahaven, Sigingstone, Cowbridge CF71 7LP.

Unfit: If you have a medical condition or special requirements which may affect your riding, please inform us when booking and advise your instructor on arrival. We would strongly advise against taking motorcycle training during pregnancy or taking prescription medication that could affect your ability to ride. If we suspect, that for any reason, your ability to ride is impaired, we reserve the right to terminate the session and re-schedule. (Short notice cancellation fees will apply)

Money: If attending for Compulsory Basic Training, you should bring money with you if you wish to use the nearby Pitt Stop Café, as there are no cash-points at the training area. During all other courses, we will normally stop at a café for lunch, so please inform your instructor of any special dietary requirements.

Payment: Course dates can be reserved with a deposit but full payment must be received 7 days prior to the training date to confirm the reservation. Failure to comply with this will result in your space being re-allocated to someone else.

Course cancellation: We operate a strict 7 working day cancellation rule. This means that all courses booked within 7 working days must be paid for in full and all courses due within this period cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded. If you find that within the 7 days, you are unable to train due to illness or injury, we must see a doctor’s note or hospital appointment card before we can issue a refund (subject to £25 admin charge). Courses run rain or shine, and will only be cancelled in dangerous weather conditions, such as snow, ice, thick fog, or very high winds. The DVSA require 10 working days written notice for cancellation of a test.

VMT/DVSA cancellation or rescheduling: VMT and the DVSA reserve the right to alter course and test dates/times without notice. In the event that a training date or test has to be rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions or any extenuating circumstance, it will be rescheduled for the next available date. Refunds or compensation cannot be given for dates that require rescheduling, regardless of circumstance.

Machine failure: Should the motorcycle or scooter hired to you by VMT Ltd become un-roadworthy due to accident damage which is your fault, we reserve the right to terminate your training for that day, with no refund of course fee. If a VMT machine becomes un-roadworthy due to mechanical failure, and we are unable to offer an alternative, we reserve the right to re-schedule your training at a mutually convenient time.

Start times: Most courses start at 8.30am, so arrive in good time. For fairness to other students, instruction cannot be delayed beyond 15 minutes. Late arrivals (unless by prior arrangement) will result in cancellation of your course and loss of your course fees. CBT courses, although scheduled to finish at 4.30pm, may sometimes finish early, or run as late as 5.30 or 6pm, depending on how the day progresses.

STUDY THE HIGHWAY CODE!  This is especially important if this will be your first time on the road. The better you understand it, the safer you will be and the greater your chances of completing CBT, or passing your test. A high percentage of the young riders that do not obtain a CBT certificate, was simply because they had not read the HWC!

Tall/Short/Outsize: We try to cater for everyone but if you require equipment or machinery that maybe out of regular sizes, then you are required to make an appointment to check availability and suitability prior to booking. It is the customer’s responsibility to assess if they may require a low/tall seat height or extra-large/small clothing prior to booking and attendance.

Time gaps: We aim to book training sessions no more than 3 weeks apart to ensure student progression and safety. Any longer than that and practical skills start deteriorating, causing extra training sessions being necessary to bring students back up to standard. This will cause extra cost. VMT will make the final professional decision on what or how much training is necessary for students to pass their test. We will not ‘cut corners’ or allow a student to ‘give the test a go’.

Gift Vouchers: All gift vouchers are valid until the date printed on the voucher. If the recipient of the voucher does not want to use it, no refunds will be given but an exchange may be possible. Late cancellation rules will apply.

Legal: Vale Moto Training Ltd accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable to you in any respect for any loss, injury, damage or liability, whether civil or criminal, suffered by you in connection with, or as a result of any course of instruction organised or delivered by Vale Moto Training Ltd or agents acting on their behalf.

Clothing: Appropriate sturdy clothing and footwear including boots that cover the ankle that allow easy use of the controls must be worn. You may be turned away from training and tests if clothing is deemed unsuitable by instructors or examiners. No refund for missed training or tests will be given.

Safety understanding and risk: VMT will take all steps to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable course. However riding a motorcycle on or off road carries a degree of risk of injury or even fatality and customers are asked to act responsibly and safely. VMT and our instructors cannot accept liability or be subject to any claim for any injury or accident you may suffer whilst riding independently or accompanied.

Marketing: Your personal details will be safeguarded and never sold on to 3rd parties. Your email address will be placed onto our database so that we can send you a newsletter from time to time, to keep you informed of offers, ride outs and other training activities. Our sister company, Vale Moto Ltd will also have access to the database to let you know of upcoming Tours and Trips that we feel you may be interested in. Opting out of the newsletter will be straightforward.